UK universities dilly-dallying in providing mental health support to students

UK universities dilly-dallying in providing mental health support to students

In a scenario where the incidences of suicide among students and teenagers are hitting a record high, recent reports have highlighted the lack of adequate counseling and other remedial measures are not available to students across different campuses.  Universities from the United States and  in the UK are unable to provide timely mental health counseling to their students.

It is crucial that the university managements provide adequate support to the students grappling with a range of emotional challenges. Reportedly, a number of variations have been witnessed in mental health care provisions across different universities in the U.K. Currently, students of nearly 21 universities have to wait for more than four weeks for accessing treatment and counseling.

Burdened by increased financial stress and career-related uncertainties, many experts have highlighted that delay in diagnosis and treatment can trigger a crisis among young students. As a result, there has been a marked rise in suicidal thoughts and tendencies among students. In their defense, universities have stated multiple reasons for the delay, including a student’s choice to defer his or her appointment.

At a time when every country is making efforts to create awareness about the importance of mental health, such a delay in providing mental health care to students has drawn a lot of criticism.  Since college life is full of stresses and strains, it is the responsibility of the college authorities to provide accessible mental health care to students.

Mental disorders do not discriminate anybody based on gender, race, color, etc. Usually, the shift from school to university exposes students to an unfamiliar environment. Unprecedented financial stress due to student loan and tuition fee and uncertainty around employment drive them to serious mental agony. Therefore, students are more vulnerable to problems like anxiety and depression. The risk for developing a psychiatric condition increases among students already suffering from an underlying yet undiagnosed illness.

Mental health support in universities to alleviate stress among students paramount

The world has transformed into a battlefield where everybody is competing to succeed and excel in his or her respective field. The major burden of the competition falls on the students stepping into various universities. Since the college life opens the door to the outside world, it becomes important for them to excel in academics and compete with their peers with extra talent or skills.

As a result, students face stress that can potentially lead to a serious and chronic mental disorder. Most of the time, stress witnessed by them is unseen but inevitable in nature. Therefore, it is important for the universities to offer proper support and information related to external services to help these students to recover from their mental health condition.

Besides deteriorating their quality of life by causing career disruption and health-related problems, mental health issues also trigger suicidal thoughts and tendencies in students. Students are often hesitant about sharing such issues with others due to the fear of teasing, condemnation and misinterpretation by others. Therefore, it is essential for the universities to provide education and knowledge about the causes, types, symptoms, effects and treatment of different types of mental disorders. This will essentially assist people to debunk the myths attached to mental disorders and destigmatize the issue.

Currently, only a handful of students grappling with psychiatric disorders receive adequate treatment and guidance from consultants. Although authorities have been instructed to launch a new framework for the university leaders to embed mental health and well-being across all university activities, universities should also make extra efforts to provide mental health support to the students.

Holistic treatment – An ideal road to recovery

Mental disorders are considered a taboo in the society. Due to the prevalent myths and stigma associated with such problems, a majority of the people refrain from acknowledging, accepting and seeking treatment for their mental health condition. In the fight against the stigmatization of mental disorders, schools and universities can play a significant role in demystifying the misconceptions. Additionally, they can spread awareness about mental health conditions and prevent them from disrupting the life of students.

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