Mental health disorders can be hard to spot sometimes but it helps to know what to look for. Learn the symptoms of different mental health disorders so you can identify when it is time to seek help.


With the right treatment an individual can learn how best to deal with their mental health disorder and live an improved life. Learn more about medication and therapy options for treatment.

A new life

With a proper diagnosis and the right treatment program a person can learn how to deal with a mental health disorders during their day-to-day patterns and start a new life without the trouble mental illness can cause.

Mental Health Treatment Centers Colorado

Mental health disorders like depression, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia can take a huge toll on someone’s life. They can destroy someone’s school or work life and interpersonal relationships and stop them from function normally altogether.

Mental health is a vital and sorely underrated aspect of the life of the individual. Without it, daily life can become impossible which is why investing in maintaining good mental health is so important.

It can seem like nothing will ever overcome a disorder to allow a person a normal life. Thankfully, this is not the case. With an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, most people can learn to deal with their mental illness and get back to themselves. It takes time and effort but good mental health is more than worth it.

About Our Helpline

When wondering where to start with finding help for mental health disorders one need look no further than Colorado Mental Health Help. Our helpline is built to assist you in all aspects of your battle with mental illness. We can provide you with information on mental disorders including specific symptoms. We also can connect you with the best treatment program for your specific needs.

When someone calls Colorado Mental Health Help they are provided with all the information they need and access to the treatment that will help them the best.


Trying to figure out what is going on? Take a look at our symptoms page to figure out what may be happening with your mental health. If you notice you are exhibiting several symptoms of a disorder, it may be a good time to go to a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.


A major part of treatment, therapy has proved to be a huge benefit to many seeking recovery from mental illnesses. Options for therapy can include Cognitive behavioral therapy, Solution focused therapy and alternatives like mindfulness or equine therapy.


In many cases medication proves to be a big help to those dealing with mental illnesses. They can help control and diminish symptoms to allow someone to live normally again. Talk over possible medications with your doctor.

Further support

Even with an effective treatment program, it is best for those seeking a life of good mental health to find further support, normally found with support groups.

Reviews from past successful patients

“When my schizophrenia was at its worst I felt completely alone. Finding treatment helped me get back to myself and find the support I needed to keep moving forward.”

-Sami R

“With my anti-depressants and my regular therapy schedule I learned to deal with my depression and was able to have a normal life again.”

-Mark H