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Ways to strike a balance between friendship and depression

September 20th, 2017 | Rachael

People struggling with a mental disorder often tussle with apprehensions and confusion, as a result, those around them tend to avoid them. Besides feeling utterly desolated and withdrawn from their loved ones, severe levels of distress tends to fall heavy upon their relationships, life, career, etc. Being a crippling disease, depression and anxiety have wrecked […]

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Half of adults with anxiety or depression experience chronic pain

September 6th, 2017 | Rachael

Besides irritability, agitation and stress that naturally accompany a person going through depression, he or she is also likely to witness chronic pain. In fact, numerous studies have highlighted that depressive symptoms tend to magnify pain that can disrupt his or her daily life. Such chronic pain lasts much longer and affects the person in […]

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School-based programs may help improve mental health in children, finds study

June 15th, 2017 | Rachael

It is a fact that things learned in school tend to stick forever in life. Therefore, a lot of emphasis is given to impart good values, ethics, education, culture and etiquettes to children in school so that they grow to become more cultured and well behaved in later years. But, school education should not just […]

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Social media linked to eating disorders and depression in adolescents and young adults

April 12th, 2017 | Rachael

Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating are serious disruptions in daily diet patterns, either from habitual undereating or obsessive overeating. The onset of eating disorders may start with consuming lesser or greater quantities of food; however, in the long term, people may become overwhelmed by the compulsion to eat less […]

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High cardiorespiratory fitness proves to be a protective factor against depression

March 24th, 2017 | Rachael

“If you are in a bad mood go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk.” ― Hippocrates Overall, millions of Americans are known to suffer from depression each year; in fact, the problem has magnified so much that this mental health problem has emerged as the leading […]

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Depression: Don’t ignore the physical signs

March 14th, 2017 | Rachael

While talking about or treating depression, the focus is mostly only on emotional aspects such as mood swings, dejection, pessimism and gloominess. Depression, which is accompanied by changes in brain activity, can impair bodily functions and also exacerbate the risk of developing certain physical illnesses.

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Understanding various eating disorders

February 8th, 2017 | Rachael

Many people are of the view that eating disorders are a result of lifestyle habits and choices. Though this notion holds true to some extent, the severity and impact of eating disorders are usually not discussed openly. Such disorders can be serious and even fatal, at times. They are characterized by irregular eating habits accompanied […]

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Artificial intelligence: Futuristic approach in diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders

February 2nd, 2017 | Rachael

Technology drives our world and everything that happens in it. Gone are the days of the old world charm. Our everyday existence has become dependent on technology, be it getting from one place to another using the GPS, or paying bills online, booking movie tickets or finding a restaurant of choice. Technology also plays a […]

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Role of neurotransmitters on mental health – 1: Serotonin

January 10th, 2017 | Rachael

Mental health encompasses an individual’s psychological, emotional and social well-being. A good mental health refers to an overall sense of self-satisfaction and happiness, when one is able to form positive relationships at home or at work and also carry out the day-to-day activities with zeal and enthusiasm. Sadly, numerous people across the world are devoid […]

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Healthy diet is paramount for sound mental health

January 9th, 2017 | Rachael

Various studies have shown that a healthy diet helps improve mental health. Diet is as important to mental health as it is to one’s physical well-being. A healthy diet can boost the body’s immune system and provide the nutrition needed for the proper functioning of the organs. Good nutrition in the first three years helps […]

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